Market Place Naturopathic
Market Place Naturopathic
The doctors at Market Place Naturopathic are brilliant, compassionate and not intimidated by chronic, intricate health issues
Working with Market Place Naturopathic has been the turning point in my health and my life in general. An appointment with her is more valuable to me and useful than 100 appointments with most ‘mainstream’ doctors. I was unable to drive, read a book due to eye pain, some days could hardly sit up in a chair, for 3 years. I had been searching for answers that would get at the root cause of my chronic pain and infections for years, since I had to leave my dream non-profit job when I was 25. The doctors at Market Place Naturopathic treat me like a peer or a friend while at the same time keeping track of so much knowledge from a vast array of disciplines. They have the best vibes. With their referrals to talented healers and scary-accurate ART testing of what gentle supplements and anti-microbials I need at any given time, they have given me my life back and then some. I am forever grateful to the whole team at Market Place Naturopathic, who have all played a crucial role in me now joyfully saying I have hope in my life again.
~37yo patient, Minnesota
Working with Market Place Naturopathic has been the turning point in my health
I first my doctor from from Market Place Naturopathic at Sophia Health Institute back in 2017. At that time I was in the middle of my health crisis with Lyme, mold toxicity, and multiple co infections. From the very first appointment I knew that she was there for me. Not only did she advise and prescribe all the needed supplements and therapies to get me out of my crisis, but she guided me to heal on all levels. The doctors at Market Place Naturopathic are brilliant, compassionate and not intimidated by chronic, intricate health issues. They are some of the finest physicians I’ve ever worked with. I can not say enough good things about them and Market Place Naturopathic. The practice itself is beautiful and a welcoming space to heal in. I spent 20 years looking for a doctor who could understand it all, and I am pleased to say that my life and health is completely changed because of her. Thank you so much I am forever grateful.
~33yo patient, Washington
I Highly Recommend Dr. Alena Zweben
After seeing ‘the best of the best’ for 20 years for celiac, lyme disease and other chronic infections, I met Dr. Alena Zweben while she was doing her residency and when she started her own practice I followed her to her new office. I love her cheerfulness, gentle, intuitive, compassionate spirit and her office space is healing and quiet. She is thorough and addressed several things that had been completely overlooked improving my health significantly, one being mold in my home! I can come with some complaint: physical, mental or emotional that seems unrelated to anything I know of and she gets it right every time! I totally trust her! She’s worth the trip from California! I highly recommend her to all who need to get the right answers and treatment for their healing and vitality.
~65yo patient, California
Why I would recommend Market Place Naturopathic
I met the doctors of Market Place Naturopathic at a Lyme Awareness event hosted last year. From this event I subsequently found out that I have Lyme Disease. After over 20+ years of being very sick I could finally say specifically what it was that was hindering my body from healing. The questions still to be answered were: How do I even begin to figure this out so I can get better? And who knows enough about this very complex disease to be my partner in helping me find my way to remission and wellness?

This is where the staff comes in. I started seeing my doctor shortly after receiving my results in December of 2017. Since that time, they tirelessly worked with me to uncover all the hidden facets of my Lyme puzzle. They established a core treatment plan that is specific to my disease and has adjusted it each time I go in to ensure I continue to improve.

I will be forever thankful to the series of life events that have led me to Market Place Naturopathic. They encourage me to be ‘real’ when I am at my appointments. Their process and approach on things is very refreshing! They challenge me to stop and really evaluate where I am ‘at this moment’. Even when I am at my lowest I have never been pressured to start a treatment plan without first discussing in detail what it involves and having me go home to think about it further. The doctors at Market Place Naturopathic are true partners in my getting better and have proven that to be true time after time.

I highly recommend Market Place Naturopathic to anyone who is not only looking for a general practitioner but also anyone searching for a specialist who can give you the answers (even if you have given up looking) you are searching for.
~ 41yo old patient, Washington
Market Place Naturopathic is a rare gem
I found Market Place Naturopathic after 20 years, and hundreds of doctors. I could no longer work with physicians who were ego-centered, and expected me to passively accept their expertise. Market Place Naturopathic is a rare gem, the staff seems to genuinely respect my own knowledge of my body, and invites me to participate as a full partner in healing.
~40yo patient, Oregon
I can unconditionally recommend Dr. Zweben to anyone who has challenging health issues
I can unconditionally recommend Dr. Zweben to anyone who has challenging health issues. She is a caring, patient, and brilliant practitioner. I am very thankful she is in my life. I have been chronically ill for over 40 years. During that time I have had many surgeries, didn’t’ walk for over twenty years, nearly died on numerous occasions, and had no use of my right arm. Most recently I was vomiting every day and could not eat or drink water. I’ve been diagnosed with gastritis, fibromyalgia, duodenitis, depression, chronic pain, chronic osteomyelitis of the mandible, chronic fatigue syndrome, severe abdominal pain, anxiety, arthritis, intractable nausea and vomiting, Lyme disease, leukocytosis, hyperthyroidism, history of bladder infections, malaria, Chagas disease from living in South America, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, pancreatic and kidney abscess, tendonitis, and gangrene with chronic hemorrhaging and pus instead of bone marrow in the jaw.

For years I traveled around the country to various clinics that would get me a little better for a time and then my health would get worse. I had many surgeries at Johns Hopkins, Swedish hospital and University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle Washington, Anchorage Alaska, and in Olympia Washington. In addition, I went to clinics in Kansas, Maryland, Missouri and Florida to try and find answers to my chronic health problems.

I finally learned about a clinic run by world-renown Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt near Seattle Washington. The clinic specializes in treating patients with chronic pain and illness. Dr. Alena Zweben trained under Dr. Klinghardt and has successfully treated many patients, including myself. For anyone who has health issues, Dr. Zweben is a miracle worker.
~ 68yo patient, Washington
Dr. Zweben is the most intuitive, sensitive and compassionate doctor I have ever met.
How fortunate for me to have been introduced to Dr. Zweben four years ago.
I have suffered most of my life with leaky gut, allergies and severe depression due to over prescibed antibiotics as a child.

Dr. Zweben was able to pinpoint my deficiencies in just one visit. After following her protocol over the last two months I have experienced a sense of wellbeing I have only dreamed about. My depression is completely gone without the use of antidepressant drugs.
Dr. Zweben is the most intuitive, sensitive and compassionate doctor I have ever met.
Thank you Dr. Zweben! Every person should be as lucky as I am having her care for them.
~ 57yo patient, Washington
I trust her more than any doctor I’ve worked with
I am thankful the universe placed Dr. Alena Zweben in my path. She is treating the causes of my symptoms without letting me dwell on them. She validates my concerns and addresses my emotional well-being gently. I trust her more than any doctor I’ve worked with. There isn’t anyone I wouldn’t recommend to see Dr. Alena.
~ 65yo patient, California
I absolutely recommend Dr. Alena to anyone seeking to restore their health!
My son and I first met Dr. Alena at Sophia Health Institute, where I watched her run through the most thorough series of muscle testing I had ever seen. In the right hands, the body can tell its story with no words, and Dr. Alena has the right hands.

We began the aggressive protocol, did nutritional IV’s and other body work and began to see results almost immediately once back home on the east coast. I was concerned that my son, who has been through years of medical treatment, would not be willing to fully participate in treatments and taking supplements, but Dr. Alena has such a gentle, yet confident way of encouraging him, and he has done and taken them all! Our challenge is with Lyme Disease, so it’s no small feat to undertake, but she has been fearless.

We now see her at her own practice and continue to make steady improvement. I absolutely recommend Dr. Alena to anyone seeking to restore their health!
~ 48yo patient, Virginia
First class service, just ask our patients...
Dr. Zweben is a lighthouse to me. I spent many years adrift the seas of chronic illness, passed from doctor to doctor never getting the help I desperately needed. In these past couple years I have been a patient of hers she has skillfully guided me to safety, helping me understand what is happening in my body, confirming diagnoses that no other doctor or naturopath has been able to give me, and helping me live a more comfortable life while navigating chronic illness. I know without a doubt in my heart that Dr. Zweben is someone who has fully embodied the work of a healer, committed herself to the service of helping others out of suffering, and holds her patients with so much compassion and empathy that it is palpable. With her skill, knowledge, experience, and light, she has guided me to safe harbor. She has given me my health back and I struggle to find the words to describe how much that means to me. The dispensary at Marketplace Naturopathic has been a breeze to work with, and their office manager Olivia has been wonderful to work with too, coordinating appointments and answering all of my questions thoroughly. Dr. Zweben and her team at Marketplace Naturopathic have helped me through the darkest time of my life, helping me find health, and hope again. I wish there was more than five stars I could give.

Spencer C. | Nov 30, 2022
Dr.Z is amazing! In less than 2 months she has already put me on the fast track to getting my life back! I am beyond grateful for her!

Anjie B. | Nov 21, 2022