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At Market Place Naturopathic in downtown Seattle, Washington, our personalized approach delivers comprehensive medical diagnostic and naturopathic treatment services. Our licensed, naturopathic physicians consider all factors that influence your health, and address the true underlying conditions that impact your optimal wellness. Together we will find solutions to restoring or maintaining your health and the well-being of your family and loved ones.

Market Place Naturopathic - Complex Chronic Illness, Lyme Disease and Mold Biotoxin Illness

Patient Testimonials

I can unconditionally recommend Dr. Zweben to anyone who has challenging health issues

I can unconditionally recommend Dr. Zweben to anyone who has challenging health issues. She is a caring, patient, and brilliant practitioner. I am very thankful she is in my life. I have been chronically ill for over 40 years. During that time I have had many surgeries, didn’t’ walk for over twenty years, nearly died[Read more…]

Why I prefer Dr Zweben as my primary care doctor

Dr. Alena Zweben represents the best in health care professional qualities. She is extremely caring and uniquely knowledgeable regarding what is necessary to solve health concerns and to prevent future concerns and prolong health. My health is so very personal and requires trust in the Doctor’s skill and faith that my doctor can identify what[Read more…]

I trust her more than any doctor I’ve worked with

I am thankful the universe placed Dr. Alena Zweben in my path. She is treating the causes of my symptoms without letting me dwell on them. She validates my concerns and addresses my emotional well-being gently. I trust her more than any doctor I’ve worked with. There isn’t anyone I wouldn’t recommend to see Dr.[Read more…]

Dr. Zweben is the most intuitive, sensitive and compassionate doctor I have ever met.

How fortunate for me to have been introduced to Dr. Zweben four years ago. I have suffered most of my life with leaky gut, allergies and severe depression due to over prescibed antibiotics as a child. Dr. Zweben was able to pinpoint my deficiencies in just one visit. After following her protocol over the last[Read more…]

I absolutely recommend Dr. Alena to anyone seeking to restore their health!

My son Coleman and I first met Dr. Alena at Sophia Health Institute, where I watched her run through the most thorough series of muscle testing I had ever seen. In the right hands, the body can tell its story with no words, and Dr. Alena has the right hands. We began the aggressive protocol,[Read more…]

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Are you curious about Psychokinesiology? Dr. Kerns shares a few words to explain it.

The five levels of healing is a systematic model developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt that he based on the ancient sacred yoga sutras of Patanjali. The five levels include the physical body (the foundation upon which all else rests, the 1st level), the energy body (2nd level), the mental body (3rd level), the intuitive/dream body (4th level), and the spirit body (5th level).

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Dr Alena Zweben ND

Dr. Alena Zweben ND

Dr Patrick Fox ND

Dr. Patrick Fox ND

Dr Alison Kerns ND

Dr. Alison Kerns ND


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