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Naturopathic Medicine, Mold Toxicity & Lyme Disease Specialists located in Downtown Seattle , Seattle, WA

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Market Place Naturopathic, located in Seattle, Washington, was established in 2013 by Alena Zweben, ND. Dr. Zweben and the team address complex medical issues that affect multiple body systems. The providers use their extensive training in integrative medicine and naturopathic therapies to promote healing on all levels.

Patients feel welcome and supported as they undergo a comprehensive evaluation, learn more about the source of their symptoms, and discuss their treatment options. Dr. Zweben practices the Klinghardt method for diagnosing conditions, including using autonomic response testing (ART), a sensitive and powerful technique that looks for the root causes of health conditions.

Market Place Naturopathic specializes in identifying chronic infections and environmental exposures to mold and other toxins that cause debilitating diseases. Dr. Zweben provides complete care for Lyme disease, post-COVID syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), and dysautonomia. She also offers preconception health services, helping women who have had chronic Lyme disease achieve optimal health before getting pregnant.

Dr. Zweben creates individualized care that helps each person navigate challenging health journeys. Her patients respond well to nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathy, somatic therapies and nutritional IV therapy.

Dr. Sarah Klein works hands on and and via telehealth to support our patients with all elements of trauma. She has advanced training and certification in counseling, body psychotherapy, biofeedback and various somatic therapies including craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. She offers body work and exploration into the mind-body connection that are essential to heal from chronic illness.

The team guides their patients through each stage of healing and provides the expertise, reassurance and support to reach their health goals. Please submit a contact form to request a new patient packet and a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with one of the doctors.