Why I would recommend Dr. Fox

I met Dr. Fox at a Lyme Awareness event hosted at Market Place Naturopathic last year. From this event I subsequently found out that I have Lyme Disease. After over 20+ years of being very sick I could finally
say specifically what it was that was hindering my body from healing. The questions still to be answered were: How do I even begin to figure this out so I can get better? And who knows enough about this very complex disease to be my partner in helping me find my way to remission and wellness?

This is where Dr. Fox comes in. I started seeing him shortly after receiving my results in December of 2017. Since that time, he has tirelessly worked with me to uncover all the hidden facets of my Lyme puzzle. Dr. Fox has established a core treatment plan that is specific to my disease and has adjusted it each time I go in to ensure I continue to improve.

I will be forever thankful to the series of life events that have led me to Dr. Fox. He encourages me to be ‘real’ when I am at my appointments. His process and approach on things is very refreshing! He challenges me to stop and really evaluate where I am ‘at this moment’. Even when I am at my lowest I have never been pressured to start a treatment plan without first discussing in detail what it involves and having me go home to think about it further. Dr. Fox stresses that he is a true partner in my getting better and has proven that to be true time after time.

I highly recommend Dr. Fox to anyone who is not only looking for a general practitioner but also anyone searching for a specialist who can give you the answers (even if you have given up looking) you are searching for.

~Julie, 41 year old female
December 2017