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Are you curious about Psychokinesiology? The Doctors of Market Place Naturopathic share a few words to explain it.

The five levels of healing is a systematic model developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt that he based on the ancient sacred yoga sutras of Patanjali. The five levels include the physical body (the foundation upon which all else rests, the 1st level), the energy body (2nd level), the mental body (3rd level), the intuitive/dream body (4th level), and the spirit body (5th level). There is a profound interaction between all of the levels. One example is downward causation where unresolved emotional trauma on the intuitive, mental, or emotional level can lead to imbalances on the lower levels. Medical symptoms, psychiatric illnesses, life crises, relationship issues and emotional states originate from the greater domain of consciousness and are guides on our own growth journey.

Each level of healing in this model requires it’s own diagnostic approach and remedies for treatment. Psychokinesiology (PK) works on the 3rd and 4th levels by facilitating communication between the two known worlds: this world and the invisible world.  PK is a form of biofeedback psychotherapy or biofeedback guided counseling that is utilized when the original event causing the current problem is hidden in the subconscious and is not accessible to the mind. This healing system is a tool to help access the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind in order to support healing from chronic illness.

PK work allows for conscious awareness of how one’s choices, behaviors, decisions, ancestry, etc. impact our reality as well as impacting others and becoming part of the forces of evolution, change, and forward movement.  Much chronic illness is attributed to unresolved conflict or trauma in our own life, through our ancestry, or from past, future, or in-between lives. Often times, illness is an indication that a directional change needs to be made and PK is a tool to facilitate this healing.

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