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marketplace naturopathic ionic foot bath

Request a complimentary IonCleanse Foot Bath at the time of your first office visit of 2018

The IonCleanse Foot Bath is a state of the art detox therapy currently being offered at Market Place Naturopathic. Using this gentle yet effective foot soak, you will be detoxifying your entire body.

How does this work exactly? The IonCleanse Foot Bath incorporates a small direct current from the array, producing a flow of positive and negative ions in water. Electrolytes are added to the water to improve conductivity. The flow of positive and negative ions separates the hydrogen and oxygen ions from the water molecules. The process described above is called electrolysis, and is the basis for the scientific foundation of the treatment.

A single treatment lasts up to 30 minutes. During this time, the machine will switch between positive and negative charges, in a pulsed fashion. The current developed by the array within the tub allows for the break down of molecules into hydrogen ions (H+), oxygen molecules (O2), hydroxyl ions (OH-), or hydrogen molecules (H2), depending on the polarity used via the machine.

The toxins are pulled from the peripheral areas of the body via osmosis and diffusion. Our body’s routes of elimination, so named emunctories, like the kidney and digestive systems, are then called upon to discard them through our urine and feces.

Many people are interested in the color that is formed in the tub while doing the treatment. However, not much relevant clinical knowledge can be gathered from it as the majority of the color will be due to oxidative effects on the metal plates that are within the array itself.
As a special promotion for our valued patients, we are offering a single, complementary foot bath at the time of your first office visit in 2018. Be sure to mention that you would like to schedule this add on procedure at the time of your appointment request.