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Family Constellation Therapy at Market Place Naturopathic in Seattle WA

Family Constellations Therapy – Now being offered by Klinghardt Certified Physicians at Market Place Naturopathic

Explore how family dynamics and ancestral trauma impact your healing from complex chronic illness.  Family constellations is a group therapy process that provides insight into our family system and relationship dynamics and how they impact our physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, and spiritual self.

Family Constellations Therapy was developed by the German psychologist Bert Hellinger, who spent 20 years as a missionary with a South African Zulu tribe where he pulled from traditional African family relations and merged them with his work in phenomenological orientation of group dynamics, psychoanalysis, bodywork, and Gestalt therapy. The result is a powerful tool that allows for the unraveling of ancestral trauma that impacts our everyday lives.

I was first exposed to this work during my medical residency with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who had the fortune of studying and learning the technique directly from Bert Hellinger. I spent 4 years working alongside Dr. Klinghardt, being immersed in this powerful healing modality. That led me to becoming a certified family constellation facilitator with the Human Systems Institute so that I can bring this life transforming work to my patients. Overall, the work of family constellations allows for profound shifts in family and relationship dynamics that can help to heal deep-seated trauma that is impacting our lives today.

Family constellations can be done one-on-one in person or via telemedicine or as a group process. Contact our office manager Natalie at info@marketplacenaturopathic.com to schedule your family constellation appointment today!