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Market Place Naturopathic COVID19 Announcement about Remote Consultations

We Are Available for Remote Consultations

Now Scheduling Remote Consultations

This is definitely an unprecedented time in our lives and there is a lot of fear and confusion surrounding the recent pandemic. Because of this, we feel it is important to reach out to our community of patients to let you know that we are learning more every day about prevention and treatment strategies. Know that we can be a resource for you to help you understand what this pandemic means to you and your loved ones, and how to move through this time feeling calm, supported and safe.

We anticipate an update from our governor mandating a state-wide ‘shelter in place’ and we encourage all local patients to stay home at this time. We have the highest regard for our community efforts to flatten the curve of pandemics, and we support King County Department of Public Health in asking all non-essential business to close and for each of us to practice social distancing. We also have the highest regard for our staff of naturopathic physicians, who as health care providers, are inherently in a high-risk category and could be potential asymptomatic carriers of disease. For this reason, we are restricting office visits and proceeding with Telemedicine (remote care only) with our established patients.

Our IV therapy program will continue to run at this time, as intravenous vitamin C, nutrient drips, rehydrationIVs and ozone UVBI therapy are essential prevention tools to our immune compromised patients.

IV appointment times are limited (due to increased sanitization practices) and will likely not be accessible in the upcoming weeks due to limited access to supplies. Please contact us at info@marketplacenaturopathic.com to determine if you are a good candidate for IV therapy at this time.