Peptide Therapy in Seattle Washington

Introducing Peptide Therapy at Market Place Naturopathic!

Therapeutic peptides are a promising approach to treat many diseases.

Peptides are easy to synthesize, have a high target specificity and selectivity, and are low toxicity. We are happy to introduce this cutting-edge modality to the Market Place Naturopathic community, as peptide therapy is especially valuable in healing from Lyme disease and complex chronic illness. Specifically, peptides can stimulate healing, improve brain function, improve circadian rhythm and sleep, and improve body composition by decreasing fat mass and increasing muscle mass. Although there are MANY therapeutic peptides on the market today, let’s dive into a few that may help you on your path to healing your nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and digestive system.

Nervous system health:

FGL(I) nasal spray can be used as part of a treatment plan for Lyme, chronic mold illness, chronic fatigue, brain fog, Alzheimer’s and other conditions with brain inflammation. FGL(I) nasal spray improves cognition and memory through a number of mechanisms including maintaining the cells that support brain neurons, reducing brain inflammation, reducing amyloid plaques, and decreasing cell death in the nervous system.
Cerebrolysin capsules can be used for the same populations as FGL(I) and the two medications are often used together. Cerebrolysin is a combination of nerve and brain growth factors that promote the survival of neurons. Cerebrolysin can also be used preventatively, such as for APOE4 positive patients with a high risk of Alzheimer’s or for early stages of Parkinson’s.

Musculoskeletal and digestive system healing:

I use BPC-157 in patients after orthopedic procedures, surgeries, invasive procedures, and musculoskeletal injuries. One patient with a chronic hamstring muscle tear that had “never healed” despite over 1 year of treatment healed with two rounds of injected BPC-157. Oral BPC-157 is fantastic for digestive disorders that have not fully responded to other treatments: particularly inflammatory bowel diseases, “leaky gut” and celiac disease.

Peptides are best used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that also addresses
infections, toxicity, diet and lifestyle factors. If you are interested in learning more, please request a 15 minute complimentary phone consult determine if your protocol could be enhanced by peptide therapy!