dr kerns maternity leave

Dr. Kerns will be on maternity leave October through December. Schedule your check-in now!

We are happy to announce that Dr. Alison Kerns is expecting the arrival of her second baby, due the 25th of October!

Dr. Kerns plans on seeing patients through mid-late October, then taking off fully through the rest of the year (November and December of 2019).

She will start back on January 3rd, 2020 with phone consultations on Fridays for the month of January. In February of 2020, Dr. Kerns will be back to her normal Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday schedule.

While she is on leave, our medical director Dr. Alena Zweben will fill in for her patients for protocol support/adjustments, acute health concerns and emergencies. Dr. Zweben is a Klinghardt certified naturopathic physician, highly experienced in the management of complex chronic illness. She and Dr. Kerns work closely and collaboratively here at MPN. She will be available for office visits, ART testing, and phone consultations for our out-of-state patients.

We want to ensure that our patients are fully supported during this time, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or clarifications!

Dr. Kerns’ office rates will increase in 2020 so an ideal time to schedule with her is this September and October before her maternity leave.