About Dr. Eon

Dr. Selena Eon ND

Dr. Selena Eon ND

Dr. Selena Eon is a licensed naturopathic doctor in WA state. She studied at Bastyr University, earning a doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine as well as a bachelor of science in whole food based nutrition.

She comes from a health-minded family: Dr. Eon’s grandfather was a dentist and her father, Dr. Dean Howell, revolutionized nasal specific technique with the addition of proprioceptive testing and bodywork to create Neurocranial Restructuring. Dr. Eon studied extensively with her father and is only the doctor practicing Neurocranial Restructuring in Washington state.  She combines the power of her father’s work with a gentle, caring touch to make you feel secure in her care.

Dr. Eon became recognized as a regional leader and activist in the medical cannabis community after developing a keen interest in therapeutic effects of botanical cannabis. Dr. Eon has professional and personal expertise in fat loss and gluten-free lifestyle, having been diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2000 and leading a gluten-free lifestyle ever since. The gift of her Celiac Disease diagnosis provided opportunity to optimize her lifestyle, lose 65 lbs and regain her health- she is here to guide you on your own path. Dr. Eon also studied medical ozone therapy with recognized expert Dr. Shallenberger.

She is passionate about helping you find vitality through a caring and balanced approach that addresses many body systems to compliment the care of your other health care providers. She focuses on improving structural integrity, balancing hormone function, utilizing appropriate botanicals like medical cannabis, stimulating natural healing with nutrients, ozone, injectables and medical peptides, and helping you create an individualized ideal diet and lifestyle plan.

Dr. Eon is excited to bring her complementary therapeutic approach to the innovative healing environment at Market Place Naturopathic. Her primary practice is at Origin Holistic in Bellevue, WA. When not working, Dr. Eon will be climbing mountains,
practicing yoga, researching training methods, creating wearable art, crafting delicious gluten free
whole food recipes, playing the piano, hugging, and sleeping.

    Dr. Eon Specializes in:

  • Neurocranial Restructuring
  • Bioidentical Hormones
  • Optimizing Structure
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Ideal Lifestyle