Why I prefer Dr Zweben as my primary care doctor

Dr. Alena Zweben represents the best in health care professional qualities. She is extremely caring and uniquely knowledgeable regarding what is necessary to solve health concerns and to prevent future concerns and prolong health. My health is so very personal and requires trust in the Doctor’s skill and faith that my doctor can identify what is going on and address it and that is why I prefer Dr. Zweben as my primary care doctor. She understands my preference for solutions that align with my body and are the least invasive. Dr. Zweben also offered muscle testing in a very unique way which I found quite helpful. Because I am so proactive I often use various herbs and products for my health. Of course I am not always sure how well they are working because I use more than one at a time. With muscle testing we were able to “ask my body” what was compatible and doing the job as well as know what treatments were the preferred choice when I came in with a chronic virus.

As a mature women I have a strong need to stay well and manage my health proactively and at the same time I also want to learn how to help myself through protocols I can use at home. Dr. Zweben not only provides both for me, she also listens to what is going on in my life and has offered me suggestions to address my emotions as well as my physical health. And to add to that I have had lifetime scars that have been unsightly and slightly uncomfortable for me. She has used treatments which have made the redness go away and the skin soft and pliable and removed the discomfort. I highly recommend Dr. Zweben.

~Janaki, 65 year old female
March 2014